Professional Photographer – Stephen Fleming

I had always wanted to become a Professional Photographer. My love and passion for photography has been with me since childhood. It has become an integral and defining part of my life and I view and treat my camera as an extension of myself. I bought my first camera, a Nikon N65 – 35mm film camera, twenty years ago. We maintained a solid, intimate relationship for a very productive few years. Our love affair taught me to respect photography for the beautiful art form it is. I bought a 5megapixel Olympus M Mini compact camera before I left to span the globe in 2004. I  documented some of the world’s most beautiful wonders and landscapes on that amazing wee camera. Beginning in China, we made our way through Southeast Asia, skipped across the pond to the land down under then swam across the Pacific Ocean to traverse South America together. When we landed back on the shores of the Emerald Isle I was so happy with the prints I got from my compact camera and decided  to upgraded to a beginner DSLR kit, a twin lens Nikon D60. This is where i thrashed out my skills and became proficient in many areas of photography.

My interests broadened from travel and landscape photography to portraits, events, street photography and much more. After building up a hefty shutter count I was now fully competent in the art of manual photography and lighting. Since then I have greatly expanded my knowledge of the craft and upgraded my arsenal of photographic equipment to fully professional standard.Using only the highest quality cameras, lenses and lighting.

The inspiration for my work mainly comes from life itself and all the wonderful and not so wonderful things we encounter in it. Nature provides us with an infinite, ever changing canvas to work with allowing for our true natural expression to take control.

Art must begin as a personal journey and an artist must be at one with their craft to really understand and appreciate it. My photographic interests range from the dark and gothic to the bright and beautiful wonders that the world provides. Everything we see can become a photograph and I strive to capture the essence of life within each and every frame I shoot.

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